Mini Holiday Sessions in Leesburg and the return of the Vintage truck

The Vintage truck is back by popular demand for Holiday mini sessions in Leesburg, Virginia. Throughout the years, I’ve had countless clients line up for a shot next to this Vintage pickup. With its classic character and vintage charm, it makes for a perfect backdrop for one-of-a-kind holiday-themed photos.

Holiday sessions in Leesburg begin October 30th. We will be photographing both weekdays and weekends to accommodate your busy schedules!

Vintage truck with kids for the holidays Loudoun County
Sisters by vintages pick up with holiday theme in Leesburg Va
Vintage truck with holiday theme Loudoun County
Family style rustic holiday photo
vintage holiday family on old truck
Little boy on vintage truck with Christmas tree Loudoun County
Old truck holiday photos
Holiday theme old truck
Kids by old truck with holiday theme
Vintage truck with kids and their dog
Vintage truck holiday pictures mini sessions in Loudoun County