Outer Banks January 2022

The Northern Outer Banks in its coldest season

During the winter months in the Northern Outer Banks a shift takes place, this shift is not comforting to most tourists. The pounding waves ravage the shoreline, and the Nor’Easters bring winds that will shake your home.

Despite the harsh weather and isolation – or perhaps because of it – beauty is everywhere. This cold January, Linda Lauby and I are continuing our project of a coffee table book on The Wild Horses of Carova. So, my cameras and I have been roaming along the beaches and brush of Currituck, NC where the wild horses roam and hunker down.

two wild horses walking along the dunes at sunrise in Carova NC
Early morning stroll, Carova Beach, NC Jan. 2022
Wild horses of Corolla NC resting in the winter sun
Carova horses, enjoying winter sunshine Jan. 2022
Shoreline cedar tree trunks on the Currituck NC shoreline
Ancient cedar tree in shoreline, Carova, NC 2015
Large Dune in Corolla 4x4 area with beach erosion after a Nor'easter
Dune erosion after Nor’Easter Jan. 3, 2022
Winter sunrise in Duck, NC
Duck, NC winter sunrise Jan. 2022
Snow covered dunes surrounded by beautiful clouds in Carova, NC
Snow covered dunes Carova, NC 2015