Gayle T. Tiller  Photography

Outer Banks, NC     I     Leesburg,  VA

Gayle Tiller Photographer

Outer Banks, NC & Leesburg, VA

Photography in The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Throughout her career, Gayle has spent the warmer days photographing families along the beaches of the OBX. When she’s not busy capturing family beach portraits, you can find her paddle-boarding down the coast or snapping photos of the moonrise over the ocean. Her knowledge and connection to these beaches run deep — allowing her to understand and determine the perfect conditions for a beach photoshoot based on the sunlight, wind, and tides.

Both an OBX local and experienced photographer, Gayle knows the best beach spots like the back of her camera lens and isn’t scared of laying in the sand to get the perfect shot. You can trust her to capture the same light and warmth that you feel when you step on the beach during your family vacation.

Photography in Leesburg, Virginia

Gayle has spent the rest of her career perfecting her portrait photography techniques in historic Leesburg, Virginia. Over the last 30 years, she has built client relationships that have established her as one of the most trusted family photographers in Loudoun County. Gayle’s inherent ability to photograph families and children is second to none — it is a natural showcase of her most precious accomplishment: raising children and grandchildren of her own. But it wouldn’t be like Gayle to only bring her unmatched photography skills to a shoot — she takes it a step further: designing and building her own studio sets for the holiday season. These custom sets are designed in locations that optimize the studio’s natural light at various times of day.

Whether you need a professional headshot or the cover of your next holiday greeting card, you can trust Gayle to capture the memories — and the feelings that come with them — that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

Food Photography

A seasoned photographer by day and a vegan-cooking aficionado by night, Gayle Tiller’s approach to food photography is both personal and meticulous. When she’s not busy capturing drool-worthy photographs, you can find her blending sauces made with herbs from her garden and crafting cocktails with homegrown edible flowers. Food photography is an organic showcase of Gayle’s expertise on lighting techniques, color pairings, and texture — complemented by her appreciation for ingredient selection, flavor combinations, and the cooking process. It’s one thing to simply take a photo of food... but to capture the essence of the dish with each shot is an invaluable and unique art that sets Gayle apart – allowing her to awaken her viewers’ taste buds and ignite their senses, all through the power of her lens.

Gayle has photographed food and beverage for restaurants up and down the east coast, like:

  • Tio Pablos Taqueria and Lulu's in Richmond, VA
  • Cochon on 2nd in Williamsburg, VA
  • Tapa Rio in Fredericksburg, VA
  • NC Coast Grill & Bar in Outer Banks, NC
  • 1764 Kitchen & Bar in St. Croix, USVI

She is committed to serving a five-star experience to all of her clients. Whether photographing simple ingredients or a culinary masterpiece, consider Gayle the crème de la crème when it comes to capturing the perfect shot that illuminates your vision and purpose… and makes your mouth water. As a teaching artist, Gayle’s passion for food photography – and all things food – stems even further than bringing her client’s dishes to life through her lens.