Family Pictures in Duck, NC

Fun beach afternoon Duck NC

Family time at the beach in The Outer Banks are always treasured moments. And each evening I set out to capture those timeless family memories. The light on the beach is continuously changing, which contributes to the beauty of each session I photograph. Contact me to schedule your affordable beach photo session.

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Outer Banks Beach Photos

boy jumping in beautiful evening light on the beaches of the Outer banks

As the days grow longer and the ocean begins to warm, we all look forward to the excitement of summer. Especially when your Summer vacation brings you to the beaches of the Outer Banks. And, what better way to preserve your beach memories than with a family beach photo session. As a beach photographer, I…

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Holiday Sessions 2023

little girl with large red Christmas ball

Holiday sessions, fall sessions and senior portraits in Leesburg, Virginia The Autumn season has arrived as quickly as a leaf falls from the tree to the ground. With the changing of the seasons, comes the time to venture to Leesburg, Virginia to photograph. Our holiday mini sessions begin on November 4th. Capturing the beauty of…

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Family Beach Vacation in the Outer Banks

Extended family on the beach enjoying the sunset in Duck, NC the smoke from the Canadian forrest fires makes for a soft light

The smoke from the forrest fires in Canada, made its way to the Outer Banks, the smoke offered diffused light on the beaches of the Outer Banks. Diffused lighting is beautiful for portraits on the beach. The soft light mixed with small children as well as large family groups resulted in a few wonderful photographs.

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Outer Banks Beach Photo sessions

Family at sunrise in The Outer Banks of NC

Whether your Outer Banks family vacation includes your extended family and everyones pet, or just a quaint vacation for your own little tribe, the beach is the perfect location to preserve your family memories. The glowing light of sunrise is one of the most beautiful times of the day to capture the brilliant light and…

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Duck North Carolina Family Beach Photos

Looking forward to your Outer Banks family vacation? Soon enough you’ll be running along the beach, enjoying the sunset and the fresh ocean breeze. Duck North Carolina offers you and your family just that, beautiful beaches, amazing sunrises, fantastic restaurants and a place of relaxation. Create your beach memory and let me capture it for…

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The beauty of Black & white beach photos

moody black and white image on beach of a boy and his mom, duck NC

Black and white photography has always been admired, with good reason. From the iconic images of models in the 1920s to the snow-swept landscapes captured by Ansel Adams, Black and white images have never lost their timeless elegance. Black and white images capture light, shadows, contrast, and emotion in a way that enhances the mood…

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Beach time in the Outer Banks of NC

Engagement at sunrise on the each in Duck NC

Longing for the warmness of summer days along the beaches of Duck, NC? Soon enough the ocean waves will roll into the shore and the summer sunrise will bring warmth to the beaches of the Outer Banks. Capturing each ray of sunlight in a family beach photo in Duck, NC is just around the corner.…

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